Products that both serve decorative and practical purposes are becoming more and more popular, as people look to find items that save them money by lessening the need to buy multiple products that only have one purpose.

Home ware products that do this are very popular, and a great example of products such as these are diffusers, pot pourri, incense cones and holders, incense sticks and holders as well as fragranced oils and burners.

Products such as these are often coloured in warm, relaxing and pleasing colours so that buyers can find a colour to match their room, while also making the room smell pleasant.

For retailers, products such as these make for great giftware and impulse purchase products. Place them in displays near your pay points and customers are likely to pick one up impulsively. You can also include them in gift baskets and bundles to further drive up the average purchase value of your customers.

Building owners and managers, such as hotel owners or office managers can also find great use for products such as these. Place them in guest rooms, at reception or in the bathrooms to create a pleasant aroma that your guests or employees will find relaxing, improving the general environment and ambiance.

Whether your customers are looking for decorative or functional products, our selection of Wholesale Incense, Oils, and Diffusers provide a pleasant, scented solution for every consumer's tastes. There's a wide range of cones, holders, sticks, diffusers and granules available, so browse below to see which products could drive sales to your business.

To see our full range of wholesale products, please feel free to browse at http://www.efghousewares.co.uk/, where we also stock a comprehensive range of candles and candle holders.

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