Laundry and cleaning products are everyday necessities for consumers, so stocking the essentials is an excellent method of driving sales. Consumers will often purchase these products a log side other laundry products, so ensuring that you offer the widest variety of laundry products in particular is key to increasing sales.

Here at EFG we have a wide selection of wholesale Laundry and Storage products, to provide you with the stock to ensure that you offer your own customers the widest variety of products, enabling them to find what they are looking for when the come to you.

From baskets, bags, and airers to accessories and ironing equipment, our Wholesale Laundry & Cleaning category features everything you need to keep your customers fresh and satisfied. With these products being used every day by homeowners, they are high in demand, and make a great addition to any home ware store that sells laundry products.

Whoever you cater to, browse our selection below to see which products in our laundry and storage range could help grow your business.

Register today for a trade account with EFG Housewares to start accessing our fantastic cash and carry prices for all of our laundry and storage products.

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