There's nothing worse than a pile of dirty washing, is there? Actually, there is! And that is poor laundry bag and launder box design.

The good news is that EFG doesn't do 'poor'. Like all the other goods in our vast range of product lines, our wholesale laundry bags and launder boxes are well-made and easy on the eye. As well as doing the job they are intended for, and doing it well, they can also make a pleasing aesthetic addition to any home, be that in the bedroom, utility room or other.

Launder boxes your customers will LOVE
As well as laundry bags at trade prices, we can offer you launder boxes. Great for people for whom washing just seems to pile up and up very quickly, but not so large that they look bulky and take up too much space in a room.

And for the ultimate in laundry bag convenience, we also have among our range a selection of hugely popular pop-up laundry bags. These are items that your customers will find really handy. Even better, they can be folded away too when not in use. As well as coming in transparent designs, pop-up laundry bags sourced by us from leading suppliers also come in a lively choice of colours and patterns.

That's right; just because they are not 'traditionally designed' bags, that doesn't mean shortcuts have been taken in their overall look and finish. Blue Canyon Blue, Blue Canyon Cream, White, Country Club, and Navy.... Your delighted customers will be spoilt for choice.

Get the bulk items you need, wherever you are in the world
All our products are also available for export worldwide, with a shipping service reaching all of Europe and Africa. If you are a retailer based overseas, don't worry that purchasing all the high quality and competitively priced goods you need at trade prices from the UK's largest independent wholesaler is something you will miss out on.

Simply browse our enormous range (there are literally thousands of products to choose from!), and then decide which items you wish to buy in bulk. After registering with us, payment transactions are quick and straightforward, and we always deliver ordered items in the right quantities, to the right address, on time.

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