How to sell Cleaning Products in Bundles

How to sell Cleaning Products in Bundles


When it comes to keeping a home or place of work clean, everybody needs the right tools at hand. If this isn’t the case, the likelihood of getting rooms and spaces looking pristine and shipshape are somewhat diminished.

If you’re looking for wholesale cleaning products for the home from EFG Housewares, we’re confident our range won’t disappoint. We’ve got hundreds of items that can be bought in bulk to cater for your customers needs easily and effectively.

When selling cleaning products to customers, there’s an opportunity to adopt the ‘bundle’ approach and potentially get more sales.

What is a cleaning bundle? It’s where you sell certain products together to help tackle specific cleaning tasks. This could be based on areas of the home, or tasks that people need to get done that they will need a decent cleaning arsenal for.

So, as a starter, perhaps you could sell a bundle around cleaning a kitchen. What to include in this? Well sponges and scourers are a given, and some rubber gloves could also be very useful. Other good items to include might be a dustpan and brush, flat mops, microfibre cloths and scrub brushes.

How about advertising ‘the perfect car cleaning kit’ and selling a bundle of products for this purpose? Include car sponges, window squeezers and all purpose cloths to help tidy up the interior and you could be onto a winner.

EFG Housewares also stocks a host of great materials for general use around the home, which can be equally effective when sold in bundles. For example, why not provide your customers with everything need to give their bathroom a fresh feel. You could sell items such as plungers, lavatory sponges, toilet brushes, mops with microfibre pads and shower pom poms for example.

And that’s just to keep things looking fresh. If your customers are looking to rework their bathroom to a greater extent, we stock excellent bathroom accessories and much more.

Be sure to take a look through our full range of cleaning products and find the right options for your store. How you sell these items is down to you, but the cleaning bundle is an avenue to consider exploring that could reap dividends.

We’re constantly adding to our product range at EFG Housewares with new arrivals, so be sure to keep checking back to see what we’ve brought in to help you boost your sales.

To take advantage of our full product range, be sure to register for an account with EFG Housewares today. And, if you have any questions about our work or products, feel free to get in touch.

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