Our Favourite Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Our Favourite Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

On March 31st, people around the country will be celebrating Mother’s Day and showering their mums with all sorts of gifts, presents and treats.

According to Mintel, Brits spent over £580 million on Mother’s Day gifts in 2017 and that number was even higher in 2018. So if as a retailer you’re not already prepared for the big day, we’ve collated a short list of ideas and ways you can get your stores ready in time.

Fancy Hearts

Why not stock up on heart plaques? These are a popular choice at the moment and are the perfect way for people to show their love for their mothers. We have a great selection of heart plaques with different styles and messages. A favourite is this double-heart plaque, which comes in a simple white and brown style. Hearts are an excellent decoration around the home, so browse our full range of Mother’s Day gifts to see similar items that you might like.

Incense and Diffusers

Everybody likes something that pleases the nostrils, be it a fresh-smelling candle or perhaps some form of diffuser or incense. At EFG, we recommend stocking up on incense, oils and diffusers in time for Mother’s Day. Our comprehensive variety of diffusers come in all sorts of different colours and are a lovely gift idea.

A top tip when selling these products is to place them near the payment points to increase your margins. And if incense isn’t your store’s style, we have a range of wholesale homeware products also available elsewhere on the website.

Mum Mugs

It’s rare for parents not to be tea or coffee drinkers, so what better gift for people to buy than a Mother’s Day mug?

Always a popular choice for gift giving, mugs are a go-to option for most shoppers around this time of year so make sure your shop has a variety available.

EFG Housewares has got you covered, from simplistic styles like this eyelashes mug to a pink message mug.

The more creative mugs often sell better and customers love being able to pick between different mugs, so they get the right one for their mother.

We like this “Mum in a million” mum, as it’s such a nice way to show appreciation.

How to Sell More Gifts?

We have provided a few popular Mother’s Day presents to help you get to grips with the sort of products people will be purchasing, but we have some selling tips too.

Make sure all of your Mother’s Day gifts and treats are published across your social media (if applicable) to drive sales to your store and consider bundling items together in this instance. And having discounts on mugs and small items like pens is another a great way to increase your margins and sell more products.

At EFG Housewares, we have a fine selection of wholesale Mother’s Day gifts ready for you, so make sure you stock up and can sell them on to your loyal customers in time for the big day.

Browse our website to find even more products you might like to stock up on ready for Mother’s Day. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, then drop us a message and we can help.

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