Get Ready for Summer with these Top BBQ Supplies | EFG Housewares

Get Ready for Summer with these Top BBQ Supplies | EFG Housewares


Now the clocks have changed, the days are getting longer and the temperatures are gradually creeping up, it feels like summer is truly on its way.

A fine British tradition is the great summer barbeque! These present a great chance to get friends and family together, enjoy some tasty food and relax in the sunshine.

But every BBQ needs some solid kit to get that meat cooking as it needs to and help people make sure they have a barbeque to remember.

At EFG Housewares, as one of the UK’s leading independent cash and carry outlets, we know how to BBQ right. That’s why there’s such wide selection of BBQ supplies available for you to buy in bulk from us.

With more than 100 BBQ products available at cheap wholesale prices, we have everything you need to help your customers meet all their BBQ goals this year.

We’ve picked out a few of our favourites to help make it easy for your business to thrive this summer.

BBQ Fundamentals

Your customers won’t get very far without having a good BBQ set at their disposal. This is where the magic happens after all.

You can stock up on high-quality BBQ sets from the likes of Kingfisher and Blackspur by shopping with EFG Housewares.

And we have large disposable BBQ sets that offer new levels of convenience for shoppers once they’re finished cooking!

Grills and tools

Every BBQ aficionado knows the importance of having the right tools and equipment at hand!

At EFG Housewares, we have sets of BBQ grill plates, as well as collections of BBQ grills for your customers.

And your customers need to have the right accessories. We have loads to choose from and stock up on, including this really handy 3 piece BBQ tool set.


You need to be able to get the fire going on your BBQ, so make sure your customers can get hold of quality firelighters.

We stock natural firelighters in cube form, as well as firelighters in Twizler style and large boxes of firelighters from Supagrill.


Charcoal is a must have if your customers want to get that perfect BBQ’d meal, and we have bags of the stuff available to buy in bulk.

We also have Instant Barbeque sets from Supagrill available wholesale, meaning your customers can quickly crack on with getting their specialities cooked and ready.

Awesome Accessories

Of course, BBQs are best enjoyed in pleasant conditions, and at EFG Housewares we have a real selection of fantastic items and products that can turn the gardens of your customers into a really cool space.

Take a look at these Bamboo torches for example. With a variety of colours, these packs come in 60cm and 90cm. Great to locate around the garden, we also have Citronella Bamboo Torches that give off a pleasant scent.

To take advantage of our full range of fantastic BBQ gear and many more exciting product lines, simply register for an account with EFG Housewares today. Be sure to look through our ordering info and the delivery information too.

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