Fidget Spinners - Taking The World By Storm

Fidget Spinners - Taking The World By Storm


The world of trends and crazes is constantly changing, providing us with addictive new hobbies and fun new toys. If you haven’t heard already, the latest craze captivating the UK is the fidget spinner! These little contraptions are designed for those who just can’t help but fidget, and they are quickly becoming a global phenomenon in the world of toys…

Adored by young children and adults alike, fidget spinners have rocketed in popularity since the first fidget spinner was released in early May 2017.  Originally, they were designed as a stress busting gadget but they have soon become much more than that, with fidget spinner fanatics looking for the fastest, coolest and most impressive fidget spinners on the market.

As well as being a great anti-anxiety toy, the fidget spinners are encouraging playful competition between peers, with people learning and mastering new skills with their favourite fidget spinners. There are already hundreds of videos online with people showing off their remarkable fidget spinner tricks and tips.

Retailers across the UK are quickly catching on, providing customers with a huge range of fidget spinners in funky designs and stylish colours, and now you can join in on this extremely lucrative trend.

To help toy stores and retailers profit from this worldwide craze, we have curated a range of some of the best fidget spinners, available in both multi-pack and individual options. Encourage younger customers into your stores by displaying an impressive selection of fidget spinners near the tills, and help the local children in your area to find the coolest fidget spinners on the market.

If you’re ready to become a one stop toy shop who is up to date with all the latest trends, head on over to our toy range and discover our new fidget spinner collection. Stock up on a range of different fidget spinner designs and start making the most of this trend whilst it’s still hot!

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