Coolbags & Coolboxs

When the summer months come, there’s nothing quite like being able to head out to somewhere beautiful for a great daytrip. 

One of the joys of this is also being able to put together some food and drink and enjoy a delicious picnic or meal while out and about.

When the summer comes though, the weather conditions can mean that keeping food chilled and pleasant can become tricky. Hot weather can wreak havoc with your eating plans, leaving items mushy and horrible if they have been in a warm car or in direct sunlight for too long.

A great way to counter this is with a cool bag or a cool box. These are designed to maintain an internal atmosphere that supports the maintenance of cool drinks and food. These items are perfect for a warm day, helping to keep your food and drink at that perfect temperature.

For this reason alone, come the summer months, wholesale cool bags and wholesale cool boxes are a really positive addition to any product range as a retailer.

At EFG, we have a superb collection of wholesale cool bags and cool boxes available for you to buy in bulk and provide for your customer base this year.

We have traditional cool bags with good capacity that can enable your customers to pack up a day’s food with no issues. Take a look at these 8 litre cooler bags for example – a great buy for any customer packing a picnic on a hot day. And why not add these Thermos Radiance 12 can blue cooler bags to your range? A great purchase for anybody keen to keep food and drinks cool this summer.

EFG also stocks cool boxes of different capacity that are ideal for keeping drinks cool and are a wonderful addition to any garden party. Take a look at this 32 litre Thermos cool box for example, which is a really strong buy for any outdoor occasion. We also have smaller versions, such as this 6 litre cool box which is a super convenient option to provide your customers with.

We have camping cool boxes available wholesale which are perfect for any trip this summer where the great outdoors is being explored.

Our range also includes cool lunch bags, cooler baskets and drinks bottles that are sure to be well received by your customers. 

We also stock freezer blocks, such as these Bello 3 set of mini freezer blocks. And we have ice cube trays and thermos ice packs, so it is easy to create a superb range by shopping at EFG Housewares, your go-to wholesale supplier.

This range forms part of our wider Seasonal Sports and Homewares collection, which is packed full of brilliant products for you to enjoy.

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