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When children are crafting, their imagination really can run wild as they develop the skills and ingenuity needed to build creative solutions for later life. As such, parents and teachers are eager to get kids involved in hands-on play and craft, particularly in a world of touch-screens and social media. From making charming greetings cards, to toys and jewellery; we stock a complete range of craft supplies, covering everything your customers might want or need for their children.

One of our most popular ranges, Kids Create, offer a selection of clay, glitter, glue, mirrored card, pipe cleaners and “make your own” kits. From Fun Craft you can find an impressive collection of pieces ready to be glued, such a googly eyes, multi-coloured feathers, foam letters, matchsticks, hearts shapes, diamond stickers, glitter glue and gem-stones.

Don’t hesitate to refill your craft supplies today. Create a display which children and parents alike will adore, using a range of bright colours, shiny materials and inviting products. Consider exploring our premium modelling clay – position it alongside your craft materials to maximise visibility and sales.

For other papers, elastic bands or anything conventional that still might be perfect for craft, browse our selection of stationery. To add a floral touch, to a craft project, check out our range of artificial flowers, bound to enhance any display without the concerns associated with stocking organic flowers.

If any want to know more about any of our craft materials, get in touch! We’re always pleased to speak with our customers about our craft products and are happy to help you find the perfect products for your customers.

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