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Kit your store out with exceptional artificial flowers and allow your customers to bring a feeling of the outdoors indoors.

Within our brilliant collection of artificial flowers, we have a range of garlands and hanging flowers that can be used for an array of purposes. 

We have really eye-catching garlands with pretty flowers. You can pick from blossom, camellia, carnation, rose and many more garlands and add them to your store in bulk.

These items are a great way to bring some greenery and beauty to the indoors, and their artificial nature means there’s no worry of these products losing appeal over time. 

EFG Housewares also has a selection of flower balls for you to stock up on in a range of different colours and styles. 

These items are great for parties and events, ideal for hanging to create a particular vibe, or even as an interesting table decoration. 

EFG Housewares has a broad selection of wholesale artificial flower products for you to stock your shelves with. We have artificial bouquets, wreaths, and single stem flowers available for you to buy, as well as a host of other top quality products.

Take a look through the phenomenal range of product departments we have at EFG Housewares and start adding to your store today. Simply open an account, check our delivery information, and start shopping today.

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