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Whether we like it or not, cleaning is an ever-present chore that we all have to do some-what frequently. This may include cleaning the kitchen, the bathroom, tidying up the bedroom or even washing the car on a sunny day, we all take part in some cleaning activities on a regular basis.

Knowing this and being the UK’s leading cleaning wholesaler, we have put together an extensive range of wholesale cleaning supplies, containing essential household cleaners and cleaning materials. Included in our cleaning materials range is this vast collection of cloths and dusters.

In the range below, you will find a plethora of everyday cleaning materials and essentials your customers will be on the lookout for. These supplies are in-demand year-round, especially in busy households where cleaning is required more frequently.

Regardless of regularity, most cleaning tasks will require the use of a cleaning cloth of some nature. For this reason, we highly recommend supplying your customers with the brilliant Bettina Microfibre cloth 8 pack. These cloths are as effective wet as they are dry. They are highly absorbent and lets you complete cleaning tasks with minimal effort. They are soft, gentle, and scratch-free.

We also stock a wide variety of dusters including the best-selling Bettina Chenille Noodle Duster and the Apollo Extending Duster. Built to last, these dusters make light work of cleaning those hard-to-reach areas of the home.

To really impress your customers, we recommend the magnificent Dishmatic Washing Up Brush. The perfect everyday dish brush for all pans, pots, dishes, glassware, sink, stoves, and kitchen utensils.

This is just a taster of our selection below, so view the full range and shop today. To stock up on our wholesale cleaning products, register for an account if you have not already.

Be sure to check out our delivery information too, additionally, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch.

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