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The kitchens of busy homes can have an amazing turnover of things go through them. Food packaging, leftovers and bits of food are all commonly thrown into the bin, and ready to be picked up and taken away once safely removed outside.

But in order to do this easily, it’s important to have quality bin bags in place. The last thing your customers want is for a bin bag to break or split on the way to the outside bin. This means that having a suitable quality of bin bag is all important, and where EFG Housewares can help.

Our range contains a host of wholesale bin bags of an excellent quality, enabling you to stock up easily and give your customers some excellent choices. With ample heavy duty bin liner products available to add to your store, the EFG range is truly something special. 

The collection contains drawstring bin bags that are really handy and useful if your customers just require something to quickly dispose of rubbish in the home. We also stock scented bin liners which can help ensure that pungent aromas don’t build up and make your home smell unpleasant. 

As well as our assortment of wholesale bin liners and bin bags, we at EFG Housewares also stock items such as wholesale carrier bags. These are perfect for small retail businesses, allowing you to provide your customers with a bag to carry their purchases home in.

We also sell wholesale paper bags that are ideal for things like fruit and vegetables, sweets and confectionery, and other small items. 

This range is perfect for pound stores, hardware stores and stores specialising in practical products for the home.

So be sure to take a look through the full selection and start stocking up on products from EFG Housewares, one of the UK’s leading homeware wholesalers.

Be sure to also take a look through our ranges of other handy and helpful household products. These include our cleaning materials range, our hardware range and our kitchenware selection.

Be sure not to miss out on quality wholesale supplies from EFG Housewares, and meet your customer needs with ease.

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