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When carrying out a decorating or DIY project inside or outside, you want to finish things up knowing that you have really helped to enhance things.

The last thing you want is to feel underwhelmed by a fence that has been painted but doesn’t look great, or a shed that still looks worse for wear.

Fortunately there are many items out there that can help make sure this doesn’t happen. And as a retailer, you can help your customers avoid that feeling by buying from EFG Housewares.

We have a fantastic range of wholesale Akzonobel products available within our range of wholesale items. With roots tracing back to the 18th century, this brand has long had a presence in the European market.

But if you haven’t heard of Akzonobel, this is likely because of the multi-faceted make up of the brand. There are numerous big name sub brands that comprise the wider Akzonobel company, with organisations such as Cuprinol, Polycell and Hammerite are all part of the Akzonobel group.

At EFG Housewares, we have a superb selection of products from Akzonobel and their sub brands, including an array of Akzonobel coatings and Akzonobel paints. 

Leading items in our range include Hammerite rust remover gel, which has a host of uses in the home and garden.

Cuprinol Ducksback Autumn Gold is an excellent shed and fence paint that is non drip, water repellent and offers frost protection. 

We also sell excellent items from Akzonobel’s popular sub brand Polycell. These include Bathroom and Kitchen Sealant, as well as Multi-Purpose Polyfilla Powder.

Be sure to browse through the full range of Akzonobel DIY supplies & products from EFG Housewares and stock up today.

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