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Staying on top of a garden space is a tricky task. Each and every garden area is a microcosm of activity, growth and change. Nature is a hard thing to control, but customers up and down the country aim to at the least shape and sculpt it to their liking in their garden space.

By planting beautiful plants, gorgeous flowers and fantastic lawns, it’s possible to create something stunning within the bounds of your property. But maintaining this takes time, effort and commitment.

In order to enable green fingered customers to truly create the garden of their dreams, you should stock up on wholesale garden products. As a retailer, having an amazing selection of wholesale gardening products can really help you to take a step ahead of the competition.

In terms of wholesale garden products to stock, at EFG Housewares we have a fantastic collection of wholesale garden fertilisers and garden chemicals that can help to keep your customers’ outdoor spaces in check.

Our range contains products such as weedkillers. These can help ensure lawns stay looking pristine and are really appealing on the eye. Lawn feed can also help in this regard!

We offer various types of feed in fact. These products can help your customers’ gardens bloom beautifully, with rose feed, tomato feed, and feed for hanging baskets and tubs available within our range.

This collection from EFG also contains items that can help remove unwanted visitors to your customers’ garden space. We have ant killer, fly catcher products, and slug copper tape. 

With so many fertiliser and chemical options available, be sure to take the time to browse through the full offering we have at EFG Housewares. 

You can explore our full gardening range here, and our growing media, planters and watering products would all work well alongside items from this collection of chemicals and fertilisers.

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