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When celebrating birthdays, people like to spend to make the day perfect.

That’s why you need to stock up on the best range of wholesale birthday products and giftware with EFG Housewares – the largest independent wholesaler in the UK.

Our full range of giftware for birthday parties and events is full of variety, meaning it will keep your customers happy. From personalised wine glasses and mugs to framed items, making sure your giftware store has a strong selection of products is essential.

No matter the time of year, by shopping with EFG you can ensure there’s plenty of great items on your shelves to delight your customers.

If you’re seeking more than just birthday gifts, we also have a range available for other events too – and you can always check up on our Best Sellers for fresh ideas.

Help make somebody’s day special this year. Keep your stock of birthday giftware to a high quality, and help increase your margins.

Order with EFG Housewares and stock up on your wholesale birthday products today. Register or just use a guest account, we offer free delivery on all UK orders over £600.

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