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If we are unfortunate enough to have an unwanted visitor in our homes, our priority quickly becomes getting rid of this visitor as soon as possible.

Mice, rats and squirrels can all invade our home spaces, making for very unpleasant scenes if they are not dealt with quickly and effectively.

Things like bugs and creepy crawlies can also make their way into our homes, and it is usually in our interest to get rid as soon as possible.

At EFG Housewares, we understand this and want to help you help your customers get rid of any unwelcome guests easily.

This is why we have such an excellent selection of wholesale pest control product available within our range.

This comprehensive range includes products from many leading suppliers, including Pest Stop, Rentokil and STV International.

We have wholesale mouse traps available, which can be used to help get rid of mice in a humane way.

We also sell wholesale rat traps and rat cages, both of which can help capture and allow you to get rid of these grim visitors.

EFG Housewares’ wholesale pest control products also include handy items that can get rid of nuisances of the insect variety. This includes items such as fly paper, spider repellent sprays, bed bug traps, carpet beetle killer and pepper dust.

Our range is thorough and contains nearly 200 brilliant wholesale pest control items.

To get shopping simply register for an account with us, if you haven’t already, and be sure to check out our delivery information too. Also, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch.

Trust EFG Housewares with all your wholesale supplies and make excellent additions to your range today.

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