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As a retailer, there is a necessity to look to cater to the requirements of all your customers. For smokers among your customer base, it is therefore important to add a selection of smoking-related products. 

At EFG Housewares, we have a selection of wholesale smoking products that can be a good addition to your store and help bring about some additional revenue streams.

This range contains useful and helpful items for smokers, with a huge selection of products available to cater for various requirements. 

At EFG Housewares, we stock a broad range of lighters. A quick and easy way to get a flame, lighters are a practical product for smokers and non-smokers alike. We are particularly fond of these GSD windproof crocodile lighters. You can buy in a choice of colours and styles from EFG Housewares

We also have a range of smoking papers for you to stock up on. Take a look at these Raw Black King slim papers. These are sold in packs of 50 and can be a positive add to your store.

For customers with a particularly special or sentimental lighter, they will often want to refill it with butane gas. For these customers, we have a host of butane gas products, including these 12 packs of Clipper butane gas.

And a final recommended product from within our excellent range is this digital scale from OnBalance

Be sure to take a browse through the full collection of smoking products at EFG Housewares and make a positive decision for your business today.

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