Garden Wholesale

There is no question about it, homeowners want to be able to show off their gardens in the warmer seasons, and work on the upkeep of them during the cooler ones. Whether you are an independent retailer, garden centre or a hardware store, we have a huge selection of garden wholesale products, tools and decorative pieces at competitive prices to suit you.


Decorative and Ornamental Pieces

The hallmark of any good garden,we have selected high quality and great value ornamental and decorative garden items available for wholesale. These decorative pieces are designed to be weather resistant, to ensure that they can be admired all year round without damage.


Garden tools and accessories 

Garden wholesale tools and accessories are always needed by homeowners or allotment owners. The good news for sellers is that they are purchased all year round, witha lot of flowers planted during winter and spring seasons, whilst garden landscaping can bedone during summer and autumn. Ranging from shovels to trowels, you can be sure EFG Housewares has you covered for your garden wholesale needs.


Garden Growing Products 

A brilliant option for business owners, that is often needed straight away for gardeners is the actual garden growing materials like compost and seeds. It is advisable to always have these essential products ready for impulse buys placed near the tills of your store or garden centre. 

At EFG Housewares our huge collection is what we pride ourselves on, along with the best quality products from top brands. Our seeds and compost products come from brands such as Miracle-Gro and Evergreen to bring familiarity and trust to the choices of your customers. 

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