Essential and Low-Cost Baby Supplies for Strong Sales

Here at EFG Housewares, we have one of the best ranges of wholesale baby supplies in the UK. In our latest blog, we have picked out some of the most popular items we stock and give you as a retailer some food for thought as to what to add to your shelves

Disposables you Need to Stock this Summer

Whether they are hosting a garden party, going out for a picnic, or simply looking for convenient products for summer living, catering disposables are the way to go. In the latest EFG Housewares blog, we pick out some of our best items for your customers to enjoy

Introducing our new Brands Page

EFG Housewares is delighted to introduce a new page on our website which lets you browse through our range by brand. Find out more in the latest EFG Housewares blog

Ten Sensational Scented Products

Add beautiful products with great aromas to your store today. We have picked out 10 brilliant scented items, including candles, incense and reed infusers. Read the latest EFG Housewares blog

Stock up on Products for Pooches

Looking for wholesale dog toys & products at excellent prices? At EFG Housewares, we have hundreds of such products available for you to buy in bulk. Shop with EFG today

Must-have Mother’s Day Supplies

Mother’s Day 2020 is fast-approaching. As a giftware retailer, it makes sense to kit your store out with top quality wholesale products. EFG Housewares can help. Take a look through our range

Wholesale Homeware Supplies You Always Need

Any busy household requires a constant stream of homeware materials in order to keep things ticking over. At EFG Housewares, we make it easy for retailers to meet the demands of their customers. Take a look at our latest blog

Top Wholesale Giftware Supplies for Any Occasion

If you’re looking to add a giftware section to your store but aren’t sure exactly what to focus on and include, EFG Housewares can help. We’ve put together this helpful blog to allow you to get all the wholesale giftware supplies you need to wow your customers. Take a look

Our Favourite Wedding Supplies for This Year

We look at our favourite wedding supplies for the upcoming year, listing our favourite wholesale partyware and giftware items from our huge range. Find the wholesale wedding partyware you love, then stock up on it with EFG Housewares

This Summer's Wholesale Garden Essentials

With warmer temperatures and longer days on their way, now is the perfect time to kit your store out with all those gardening and outdoor essentials ahead of the summer months. At EFG Housewares, we have a superb selection of gardening products available for you to buy in bulk. Find out more today

Our Favourite Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

As a retailer, Mother’s Day is an important day of the year and being prepared is critical. EFG Housewares is a leading UK Wholesaler, and we have a selection of popular products that you can stock up on this year ahead of Mother’s Day. Take a look at our latest blogg

Top Wholesale Bathroom Supplies to Stock Up On

The bathroom might not be the most glamourous part of the average house, but it’s certainly a busy and important room that needs to be kept in check. At EFG Housewares, we have a superb selection of wholesale bathroom supplies that are sure to meet your customers’ needs. Take a look

Tips and Tricks to Increase Easter Sales

If you’re looking to kit your store out with great products ahead of Easter 2019, EFG Housewares has a host options that are sure to appeal to your customers. We’ve put together this handy blog to help you get hold of everything you need to make Easter a success for your store this year. Take a look

Stocking up for the New Year’s cleaning rush

Christmas is coming and the New Year is quick on its heels. This means many people across the country will be planning to clean their homes from top to bottom. Find out what you should be stocking up on to get ahead of the game

Why you should stock up on DIY tools this Winter

When it comes to DIY, it’s important to cater for your customers’ needs all year round. Given the amount of time people spend indoors over the cold winter months, this is often when the motivation to redecorate a room or get that project done they’ve been putting off suddenly strikes

How to sell Cleaning Products in Bundles

By stocking up on household cleaning products, there’s a chance to boost revenue by selling these items in bundles. EFG Housewares offers some advice as to what might work for your and what kind of options your customers may be seeking. Take a look

The Best Pound Lines to Display at Point of Sale

If you’re looking for items to stock at the checkout in order to secure additional sales and boost your store revenue, EFG has a host of items that make perfect impulse buys. We’ve handily picked out some of our favourite poundlines that you can add to your store and get people buying

Trends to get ahead of for Christmas 2019

With retailers looking to get ahead of the competition at every opportunity, it’s never too early to start planning for Christmas time. We’ve taken a look at what might be popular for Christmas 2019, so take a look through EFG Housewares’ latest blog

EFG’s Favourite Christmas Products 2018

Christmas is coming and we are now seeing more and more orders from our excellent Christmas selection at EFG Housewares. To help you fill your shelves with great items this festive season, we’ve picked out some of our best offerings. Take a look through EFG’s favourite Christmas products

Stock Up on Essentials for Halloween 2018

With more and more being spent on Halloween items each year, retailers can buy great products and take advantage of potential revenue opportunities with ease. At EFG Housewares, our range of Halloween items is truly terrifying. Browse our range and stock up today

Top stationery to stock for ‘Back to School’

Not every child looks forward to going back to school. But by stocking up on excellent stationery from EFG Housewares, stores can help them settle back into the classroom quickly. We offer a wide range of stationery products in bulk, so take a look through our range today

Help Your Customers in the Fight against Pests

Nobody likes having unwanted guests in their home, and when a pest does arrive or is a consistent problem, that’s a real headache. At EFG Housewares, we stock a host of items that can help your customers get rid of unwelcome visitors and relax in comfort

Why People Prefer DIY in the Summer

Be sure to stock your shelves with tools and equipment that will help your customers crack on with their summer DIY projects. This is a great time of year to get those fiddly jobs around the house complete, so don’t miss out on potential sales. Stock up on great DIY tools from EFG Housewares today

Our Top 5 Garden Tools to stock this Summer

With summer well on its way, EFG has a great range of tools and accessories that you can add to your stock and secure some additional sales. Take a look at our top 5 garden tools for the summer months and find your next impulse buy option or addition to your outdoor range

Line your Shelves with Tools for this Summer’s DIY Workforce

The summer months are a great for getting on with those projects from both home and garden that have been put off over the dark and dingy winter months. That’s why it’s a great idea to add handy items to your stock and help your customers complete the DIY projects they’ve been meaning to do for ages

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