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Keeping a clean and tidy home is what people want. But very often, ensuring this remains the case can be a tricky task! To help make sure your customers are able to keep things prim and proper in the home, EFG Housewares has a brilliant selection of wholesale cleaning brushes and other brushware products available to buy in bulk. 

Brushes are a great way to shift dirt, prevent dust build ups and keep areas of the home looking fresh and pleasant. They play a practical role in shifting muck and are a must-have in any modern home. The EFG Housewares range of wholesale brushware is broad, with a number of quality items available to buy in bulk and sell to your customer base to help them improve things within their four walls.

We have Addis dustpan and brush sets that are well suited for small clean ups in a domestic setting, as well as wooden handle packs that are perfect for anybody in need of that perfect handle set up. Our range also includes a number of wholesale brooms, with many great items making it easy for you to buy brooms in bulk. Highlights of the range include these red broom head varnishes made with PVC and a 12-inch coverage area. These are ideal for large cleaning tasks where a large space needs to be covered.

Additionally, we stock a selection of wholesale toilet brushes, including this Addis Toilet Brush and Holder, as well as this Albero Toilet Brush and Holder. Be sure to buy toilet brushes wholesale from EFG Housewares and kit your store out with quality products. Take the time to familiarise yourself with the full EFG Housewares brushware range. We stock shoe brushes and bottle brushes, as well as plenty more exciting options, so don’t miss out.

Choose EFG Housewares as your go-to cleaning brush suppliers and make a positive decision for your business today. Buying cleaning brushes online and in bulk has never been easier, so don’t miss out.

Find brushware in the UK at EFG Housewares. To start adding our products to your store, simply sign in to your account. And if you do not yet have an account with the leading online wholesaler in the UK, you can register for an account with EFG Housewares.

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