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Oral hygiene is an important part of overall healthcare. Ensuring our teeth, gums and mouth are clean and protected can help us avoid many unwanted conditions and problems down the line.

One of the best ways to maintain strong oral health is by using mouthwash. A good mouthwash helps to shift plaque, fight tooth decay and avoid cavities from building up. It can also prevent people from getting bad breath, and just help provide that extra level of comfort after eating or cleaning teeth. 

As a retailer then, it’s no bad idea to consider stocking some wholesale mouthwash on your shelves from trusted brands. This is the kind of product that plenty of people will not necessarily go into a shop to buy, but will purchase when their eyes fall upon a bottle of mouthwash in store. 

This means buying mouthwash wholesale gives you the chance to not only enhance your toiletries range, but also add some additional impulse buys to your product selection.

And at EFG Housewares, we give you the chance to buy excellent mouthwash from a host of leading manufacturers. Choose us as your toiletries supplier and rest assured you have access to a whole host of sensational options.

We highly recommend these packs of Coolmint mouthwash from Wisdom, as well as this popular Coolmint choice from Listerine. We also recommend this Colgate Plax Cool Mint Option, while this Medex Breath Spray is another fine way for your customers to improve their oral hygiene.

And for young children and their parents, we have these packs of Colgate Mouthwash with Minion packaging. This is a great way to appeal to kids and help them get in good habits.

Our wholesale mouthwash options from all these big names in the mouthwash space mean that your customers are going to trust what they are purchasing when buying from you.

Our range also includes antibacterial mouthwashes, as well as sprays, floss and stain eraser to help your customers truly stay on top of their oral hygiene and live their best lives.

Buying mint mouthwash wholesale from EFG Housewares really is an easy process, and there are dozens of options available in different flavours, colours and styles.

Be sure to take a look through the full array of wholesale toiletries available from EFG Housewares, including our wholesale toothbrushes, wholesale toothpastes and wholesale deodorants and bodysprays

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