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Here at EFG Housewares, we are proud to help our customers buy mops in bulk, as well as wholesale floor squeegees. 

Staying on top of the modern home is no mean feat. Surfaces can get dirty and in need of a regular clean with ease. This is particularly the case for the homes of busy families, especially those with young children. The various spills and stains that can build up on hard surfaces are unsightly and somewhat unavoidable for anybody with boisterous and busy children.

Having quality cleaning materials to deal with this is a must. In the modern home, there are many surfaces that are harder and smoother, meaning that vacuum cleaning isn’t quite as effective. Tiled floors for example can benefit from vacuum cleaning, but stubborn stains and unsightly coverings need something more built-to-purpose. This is where items such as mops and squeegees can make such a difference. The ability to wash and clean hard floor surfaces in the home is a gamechanger, and people across the UK are seeking out the very best mops and squeegees for their requirements.

At EFG Housewares, we have a fantastic collection of wholesale mops and wholesale squeegees available to buy in bulk as part of our wholesale cleaning materials range. As well as full mops, we offer refill items including bulk mop heads and floor squeegees wholesale. With an outstanding assortment of disposable mop heads available in bulk, we truly are the ideal destination for buying mop heads wholesale. We also stock items like window cleaning equipment, dustpans and brushes and mop buckets wholesale, helping to make the overall process of cleaning the home that bit easier for your customers.

To buy squeegees in bulk, buy mops wholesale, and take advantage of the huge range of wholesale cleaning materials we have, simply register for an account with EFG Housewares today. Trust us as your mop and squeegee suppliers.

As one of the country’s leading wholesale suppliers, you can access thousands of items at EFG, including bathroom items, household cleaners and kitchenware products.

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