Wholesale garden supplies in the UK are always popular, and we love to stay on top of our outdoor spaces! This means gardening products are required all year round, meaning they can be a great source of revenue for your business.

Whether you run a gardening centre, a small gardening shop, a department store, are a gardener yourself or even a business that requires gardening equipment to carry out work, we are confident that you will find what you need in our range of wholesale gardening essentials. Our aim is to provide a broad selection of products to help you improve your margins in store.

EFG Housewares has a range of gardening essentials to pick from, including plant pots, garden tools, wholesale garden furniture, garden accessories, BBQ accessories, lighting products, and wholesale giftware and ornaments – all at cheap trade prices.

As leading garden wholesale suppliers, the EFG Housewares collection contains products from a number of leading brands in the gardening industry. These include options from the likes of Westland, whose Resolva range is leading the way in helping to get rid of weeds in garden spaces. Westland’s range also contains brilliant lawn seed, potting mixes and growing items.

Speaking of growing, EFG also stocks items from Miracle-Gro, who offer a variety of products that support healthy plant growth, such as plant foods, moisture control gels, and sprays for plants and lawns.

We also need to mention Baby Bio, who offer a brilliant selection of feeds and drip feeders to provide your customers with the opportunity to create a really beautiful garden set up. And also check out Doff. This company delivers a broad selection of products which can support a positive garden environment. This includes everything from ant powder and fly and wasp killer to lawn feed and continuous release food for flower beds.

By stocking garden products wholesale and in strong numbers, you give your customers a better chance of finding what they are looking for. Maximise your profits by placing gardening accessories closer to your tills to make the most of the impulse purchase possibility, while placing larger gardening items in the focus points in your store.

We have over 50,000 products across the EFG website and we are the largest independent wholesaler in the UK. Be sure to take a look through all the brands we stock and find what you are looking for at EFG Housewares.

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