Discover our immense Wholesale Toys collection


If you’re looking for an impressive range of wholesale toys at competitive pricing, EFG Housewares is the perfect place for you.


EFG’s extensive collection of wholesale toys includes a wide array of keyrings, puzzles, craft, games, balls, pocket money and more. There is something for children of all ages, starting with the nursery/baby selection, and for every occasion.


With summer holidays approaching, be sure to also browse our Summer Toys collection, to ensure that your store has everything your customers need! Whether you’re a toyshop owner or a retail business, a consistent stock of toys can prove a useful way to drive sales and keep customers happy all year round.


EFG Housewares always ensure they have in stock good value brands at competitive prices. The Girls Toys range includes Cosy Village, Dream Creations, Glitzy Bitz, My Princess, Razzle Dazzle and Toyrific, whilst the Boys Toys collection encompasses Combat Force, R/C Toys, Swat Academy or Teamsterz.


EFG supply a wide range of businesses from toyshops, to retail stores, book shops or even clothing shops that can take advantage of the selection of Soft Toys available. The business’s reliable stock holdings, combined with the extensive range of wholesale toys which are available in a very large variety of styles make EFG an ideal source of supplies, month after month.


Retailers looking for all kinds of toys can browse the products available at EFG Housewares online and then take advantage of a one stop shopping experience either in our cash and carry depot, or online, on our website.


So, if you’re a trade business or a shop owner looking for a new toy supplier to boost your toy collection, bulk buy toys with EFG today and make us your supplier. Get started by registering for an account now.

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