Increase Your Number of Impulse Buys with Wholesale Toys

Wholesale toys are more than just useful accessories to have in your shop. They’re a great way of raising your sales revenue, as they are the perfect products for impulse buys. Hundreds of parents who go shopping with their kids, will tend to make a last minute purchase, if their children will see a certain toy and ask for it.

It’s a clever way for the parents to appease their children, whose patience might run low after a long shopping trip and for you to take advantage of this. At EFG Housewares you’ll find a huge range of wholesale toys that cater to all sorts of audiences.

Whether you’re a toy shop, a beachside kiosk or a retail store, you’ll definitely find something that will keep your customers happy and drive your sales. For example, toy shop owners can choose anything and everything from the retro section or EFG’s games selection to the extensive ranges of boys toys and girls toys. You will find good value products at incredibly competitive trade prices which will result in fantastic retail margins.

If you’re located at the seaside or want to increase your sales this summer, then have a look at EFG’s superb line-up of summer toys which includes astonishing ranges of beach accessories, children’s sunglasses, outdoor play, inflatable pools, swimming equipment and water guns.

Last, but not least, as a retail store owner, you’ll definitely want to include in your stock some soft toys, craft accessories or nursery/baby toys, just to make sure you’re catering to children of all age groups. The larger your target audience, the better chances you’ve got at obtaining more impulse buys.

Register today to have access at EFG’s immense array of products, including their incredible range of wholesale toys and more and start increasing your number of impulse buys now!

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