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Get your store ready for National Love Your Pet Day

Our animal friends are constant sources of joy and comfort to us, and for this we should be very grateful! Given what the past few months have brought, having pets in our homes and being able to enjoy their company and the entertainment they bring is a blessing.

Welcome to the upgraded EFG Housewares website!

At EFG Housewares, we are committed to providing our customer base with the very best service. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to buy from us, and be your go-to online wholesalers now and in the future.

Help your customers prevent theft this Winter

The idea of having your home or your property broken into is enough to set you on edge. It’s a dreadful thought, but the brutal reality is there are people out there who are more than willing to take what's not theirs should the opportunity present itself.

Stock up on Products for Pooches

Any pet owner will know the joy that a new toy can bring to your furry friends. Dogs never fail to bring smiles to our faces, and providing them with a treat or two to reward their loyalty and the amount of fun they bring is a great way to say thank you.

Supplies to enhance the home garden this summer

When the summer months arrive, we benefit in so many ways. We benefit from more sunshine and brighter days. We benefit from warmer temperatures. And we benefit from longer days, with lingering evenings aplenty to enjoy.

This Year's Top 10 Father's Day Gift Ideas

When it comes to celebrating our parents, days like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are a great excuse to treat our mums and dads and show them how much we love them.As a retailer, this means that it’s a good idea to stock your shelves with great present options for both days, and Father’s Day 2020 is fast approaching.Father’s Day takes place on Sunday 21st June 2020. So to help you find your Father’s Day stock this year, we’ve put together this blog to h...

Our top 5 favourite wholesale BBQ supplies

At EFG, we have a range of BBQ utensil sets available to buy at excellent wholesale prices. This means your store can provide BBQ experts with a new set of weapons to tackle their summer cooking mission.

Must-have Mother’s Day Supplies

Most store’s customer demographic is usually diverse, with new shoppers in need of different products. Therefore providing and accommodating for different requirements and options to meet shopping desires a must. 

Get set for Valentines Day with supplies from EFG

Whether you’ve been married for years, are just taking it steady with somebody, or have a crush you want to express some of your deepest emotions for, Valentine’s Day presents a great opportunity to buy beautiful presents.

Supplies To Keep New Year’s Resolutions On Track

You’ve likely heard the phrase ‘New Year, New Me’ before. You might even have said it yourself at times in the past.But coming up with a New Year’s resolution is one thing. Sticking with it beyond the first few days of January can be a tougher ask.When it comes to staying on top of your New Year’s resolution, it really is a case of getting out what you put in. At EFG Housewares, we have a selection of products available for you to stock up on to help your customers...

This Summer's Wholesale Garden Essentials

For many people, the summertime is the part of the year they look forward to most. This means that as a retailer, there’s a great opportunity to stock up on a host of fantastic items to help your customers have a summer to remember.

Why you should stock up on DIY tools this Winter

It’s fair to say that generally we spend more time indoors in the winter time than the summer time. When the temperatures are low, the wind is howling and the rain is pouring, the home is where the majority of our free time is spent.

How to sell Cleaning Products in Bundles

When it comes to keeping a home or place of work clean, everybody needs the right tools at hand. If this isn’t the case, the likelihood of getting rooms and spaces looking pristine and shipshape are somewhat diminished.

The Best Pound Lines to Display at Point of Sale

We’ve all been shopping and seen something that’s caught our eye just before we open our wallets. Placing handy, everyday items at the checkout is a great way boost those profit margins and keep your customers satisfied.

EFG’s Favourite Christmas Products 2018

Getting your selection of items correct for the big Christmas rush can have a major impact on how your end-of-year sales figures look. A big boost to revenue around the Christmas period is what every retailer wants to see, but by having poorly selected items or not having enough in your range, you can end up disappointed.

Top stationery to stock for ‘Back to School’

We know that kids aren’t always thrilled about heading back to school. After a few weeks off in the sunshine, that’s understandable. Unfortunately, going back to school is part and parcel of growing up. One thing parents can do to try and get their kids excited about heading back into the classroom is by getting them some great ‘back to school’ stationery items.

Help Your Customers in the Fight against Pests

There are things you don’t mind coming into your house. Sunshine through a window for example. Or a tax rebate. Then there are other things that just aren’t welcome in the slightest. All manner of bugs, creep crawlies, vermin and animals can find their way into your home space. And when they do, it takes a brave person to welcome them as a new pet.

Best DIY Products to Stock up on Before Summer

It’s often that during summer, you see people tackling DIY projects whilst the weather is pleasant, or younger audiences looking for fun summer DIY activities to keep them entertained during the summer holidays.

The Most Popular Gardening Products for Spring

The Spring weather calls out all the gardeners, whether they’re novices or experts, to attend their gardening plots and greenhouses. This year, Spring will take place between 20th March – 21st June, which leaves plenty of time for gardeners to work on their precious plants.

EFG - 200+ New Products Online in The Last Couple Of Weeks

As 2018 gets off to a great start, we have some exciting news. Over the last few weeks there have been over 200 new products added to our online site. It is now the perfect opportunity to improve your margins with this incredible new variety of products. From hairdryers to waffle makers, your business can start stocking up on some high-quality brands at wholesale prices.

Wholesale Christmas Toys and Stocking Fillers from EFG

The Christmas shopping season is in full swing, and consumers will be searching high and low for the trendiest toys and stocking fillers for this year. If you want to pip your competitors at the North Pole and really take advantage of this lucrative season, prepare your shelves with EFG.

The EFG Edit – Our Top Picks for Christmas Gifts

Christmas time is just around the corner, and consumers across the UK will be on the look-out for the perfect gifts for their family and friends. To help retailers stock up on the most popular and profitable products to make the most of seasonal sales, we have compiled our top 5 favourite Christmas gifts to point you in the right direction.

Christmas Comes Early with EFG’s Fantastic Festive Prices

Christmas is THE time for retailers to fill their shelves with innovative new products to keep their customers happy.  And EFG are in the business of making retailers happy with exciting, competitively priced Christmas themed products that enable retailers to truly maximise their margins during their peak selling season.

Fidget Spinners - Taking The World By Storm

The world of trends and crazes is constantly changing, providing us with addictive new hobbies and fun new toys. If you haven’t heard already, the latest craze captivating the UK is the fidget spinner! These little contraptions are designed for those who just can’t help but fidget, and they are quickly becoming a global phenomenon in the world of toys… Adored by young children and adults alike, fidget spinners have rocketed in popularity since the first fidget spinner was rel...

Great Savings on EFG’s Easter Related Products

Easter is a key event on the annual calendar for many busy retailers. The Easter holiday is second only to Christmas in terms of being the largest event of the year for food shopping and the chocolate Easter Egg Market in Britain is now worth a whopping £220million (source Media Reach) and increasing year on year.It’s a chance to build exciting displays in store to entice shoppers and with EFG’s commitment to low prices, retailers can maximise their margins this Easter, along ...

Get Your Store Ready For Spring Time Gardening With EFG

With the winter frost slowly thawing, avid gardeners are going to want to get their fingers green and their vegetable plots up and running again for spring time. Stocking up on the right wholesale gardening products is important for any garden centre or gardening store looking to take advantage of the increase in demand over the spring period. Get started with EFG’s extensive selections of wholesale gardening lines.

EFG Housewares' Christmas Gift Guide for 2016

With less than 1 month until the winter holidays, the Christmas promotional rush is well and truly under way. Stocking up on the right products and then topping up your Christmas stock when you run low is essential to avoiding disappointment as Christmas Day gets closer. To help you decide on what products would be best for your retail store, gift shop or online business, EFG have created a Christmas gift guide for 2016. Find out what products will be trending this year, and what yo...

DIY Range Stanley Tools Now Available at EFG Housewares!

EFGHousewares, the UK’s largest independent wholesaler, are excited to announcethe recent expansion of their massive DIYrange to include a newselection of excellent products from the Stanley brand.WithDIY representing a very lucrative product category for retailers, especiallyduring spring and summer when people are spending more time taking care oftheir gardens and homes, EFG Housewares are delighted to be able to offer anextensive range of DIY products available to buy in bulk, which now incl...

Get Ready for the Spring Season with EFG Housewares!

With the New Year approaching fast, it’s time for retailers and wholesalers to get ready for some of the season’s most important trade events: the Spring Fair in the UK and the IAW Trade Fair in Germany that is dedicated to European wholesalers. EFG Housewares will be present at both events, showcasing some of their latest product lines and allowing retailers to experience their product range first-hand, without having to visit their Enfield depot.Whilst the Spring Fair is taking place between ...

EFG Housewares nominated for Britain’s Best Wholesaler Award!

We are looking forward to attending the Housewares Innovation Awards 2016 which are taking place on Monday, 8th February 2016 at the Vox Conference Centre in Birmingham and meanwhile, we will continue working hard to supply our customers with wholesale products sourced only from trusted manufacturers.


To view our product range, don’t hesitate to browse our website and Read More

EFG Housewares Launch Late Night Tuesday’s!

Here, at EFG Housewares, weknow that a lot of our busy retailers are working hard during the day, which iswhy we’ve decided to introduce Late Night Tuesday’s, an excellent opportunityfor any store owner to stock up on all the essentials for his store during theweek. Starting next Tuesday, 29th September, the EFG Housewaresdepot located in Enfield, will be open until 8pm, so you can shop for longerevery Tuesday.Visit our EFG warehouse to seefirst-hand the high quality of our huge range of produc...

Ensure Your Store Is Stocked with Summer Essentials for Keeping Cool

With summer in full bloom and people taking advantage of the warm weather and the holiday season, traders will want to make sure their summer stock is complete and up to date. EFG’s stock of summer products is selling like the proverbial ‘hot cakes’ with their collections of paddling pools, fans and summer toys and accessories selling out incredibly fast! The good news is that they’re coming back into stock within hours, so don’t worry about missing out. Keep checking the website regularly and ...

Keep Your Shelves Well Stocked This Summer With EFG Plastic Housewares Range.

The summer months traditionally see a rise in the use of outdoor picnic and barbeque products. The British summer season plays host to an incredible array of exciting events, from music festivals and concerts, car and sporting events like rowing, tennis, golf and much more, it’s an important time of year for retailers to keep their shelves well stocked with a wide range ofplastic homewaresto make the most of the flurry of sales that occurs over the summer and even more so with the promise...

Save up to 25% on Air Wick on Refills and Completes

Here at EFG, we aim to pass on the savings we receive to our customers to give you the best deals possible.Our latest deal involves Air Wick air fresheners, where we are offering 25% off all our refills and completes for Air Wick air fresheners, allowing you to stock up on Air Wick products for your store or business.With 25% off our range, you will be able to receive excellent profit margins selling Air Wick products in your store, and they make for great products to increase the average order...

EFG Housewares Lower Prices Across Their Astonish Kitchen and Bathroom Range.

<p class="p1">This month, EFG are offering their registered trade customers the opportunity to snap up some serious bargains across their branded Astonish range of kitchen and bathroom products.<br> <br> From best selling antibacterial kitchen sprays, carpet shampoo, disinfectant, fabric deodorant and an assortment of the popular Astonish handwash range, web visitors can save up to 50% across the full range of Astonish products.<br> <br> The promotional offer is av...

EFG announce pest control promotion for October!

This October EFG have welcomed the arrival of some new products by pest control experts Rentokil. Providing a proactive, preventative solution for the control of pests in the home, Rentokil products are an affordable,
convenient solution popular with consumers and a cost effective alternative to hiring pest control professionals.

We offer great value on popular Rentokil products. For instance, a six-pack of insect spray is priced at £12.95.  3x50g Sa...

EFG Housewares Launch Trade Cash and Carry Ecommerce Website

Cash and Carry Giant EFG Housewares launched their eCommerce website in August, making their 70,000 products lines available to retailers 24/7. The new website provides trade customers with a quick and easy shopping experience, that enables customers to have the products delivered directly to their warehouse or they can collect from the EFG depot. With product ranges including giftware, DIY tools, toys, poundlines, toiletries and more, EFG’s new website is a one stop shop for retailers. E...

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